DDOPEN-2019: Forged in Fire

DDOPEN-2019: Forged in Fire
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D&D Adventurer’s League GMs
DDOPEN-2019: Forged in Fire

Six very different people must rely entirely upon each other if they are to survive the treachery of Avernus. An eight-hour adventure for Tier 2 that requires the use of the included pregenerated characters. The D&D Open is a Competitive Epic event. What is an Epic event? Adventurers League Epic events are played across multiple tables with interactive elements between tables that allow you to enhance the play of all players involved. Your party will be joining all the other parties through the same adventure! Epic events typically contain special story rewards and unlocks for your Adventurers League characters and offer multiple tiers for more advanced player characters. Make sure you’re signing up for the right tier! What is a Competitive Epic Event? Instead of working with the other tables, your DM is scoring your activities. Your score is matched up against all the other tables in the event and then the winners are crowned at the end of the evening. There are still interactive elements between tables, and you can potentially receive help or harm from your fellow parties! Competitive Events have a set of pre-generated characters for you to play and provide Story Rewards to apply to your regular Adventurers League characters.

D&D 5th Edition
Teens and Up (13+)
Some Gaming Experience
2019-11-02 14:00:00
2019-11-03 00:00:00
Hall A
Gamehole Con 2019


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