M.O.G. Master of Games

M.O.G. Master of Games
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M.O.G. Master of Games

Players are aspiring game designers eager to publish unique games and become famous. Not only do players design games, but they must also recruit characters to play games in development. It won’t be easy as your opponents will steal and remove key components from your game designs and place unwanted characters at your gaming table to cause havoc. Players gain fame in a variety of ways including publishing and upgrading games . The winner or “Master of Games” is the player that has earned the most fame points after all game designs have been auctioned and a final consolidation round has been played. None – Will Teach (Learn to Play) Standard (6′ x 30″)

Teen (13+)
None – Will Teach (Learn to Play)
Saturday 08/15/2020 01:00 PM CDT
Saturday 08/15/2020 01:01 PM CDT
Doubletree by Hilton, Mundelein, IL
Prairie Ballroom
Gaming Hoopla 2020


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