Nevermore, A Literary Escape Room Experience

Nevermore, A Literary Escape Room Experience
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Learn Larp, LLC
Nevermore, A Literary Escape Room Experience

It’s Carnival in Tuscany and your host has invited you to a wine tasting in his cellar, adjacent to the catacombs. But you must’ve taken a wrong turn, for now you can’t find him – or your way out. You swear you hear his eerie laugh though, as if just on the other side of the wall. Use your wits to solve clues left by a Signor F to escape this im-Poe-ssible maze before the oxygen runs out. Takes place in low-light conditions. Reading and hearing are required to solve puzzles. Certain accommodations can be made on request. Arrive on time to be sure you have the full 45 minutes to play. Please be courteous and respectful to other participants, and please be gentle with props and puzzles! An on-site facilitator will be ready to assist you if things don’t work as expected.

Teen (13+)
None (You’ve never played before – rules will be taught)
Thursday 09/16/2021 5:00 PM EDT
Thursday 09/16/2021 6:00 PM EDT
Yes, they can register for this round without having played in any other events
Gen Con 2021


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