A New Game Demo: Guns or Treasure!

A New Game Demo: Guns or Treasure!
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A New Game Demo: Guns or Treasure!

As a pirate admiral building your fleet, which will you choose? Guns or Treasure? A quick game for crews young and old! After a 3 min explanation by the designer, Bryce Brown, we will jump in and play!

Check out this video to learn more! https://youtu.be/eF__oaRrW44

“The quick setup and playtime combined with its small box size make it a fantastic game to toss in a purse or the car for quick family gaming on the go.” – Kristin Reichstein, reviewer from Tabletop Mom
“It does play well across all ages. But is also makes a great starter game for a longer game night if you’re a group of gamers.” – Drew Larson, playtester

How to Play:
1. Secretly build your ships adding guns, treasure or bombs.
2. Attack rival ships to steal treasure. But beware! They may have more guns or even a bomb!
3. The player who buries the most treasure wins!

All Ages
Friday 08/19/2022 02:00 PM CDT
Friday 08/19/2022 02:01 PM CDT
Doubletree by Hilton, Mundelein, IL
Main Hall
Coulee Con 2022


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