Dark Sun: A Day at the Arena

Dark Sun: A Day at the Arena
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June Soler Gaming
Dark Sun: A Day at the Arena

This is a fast-paced funnel-type event where players are 0-Level PCs in a series of quick encounters that all occur during an arena festival when the unthinkable happens! Players use cooperative tactics, role-playing or other creative methods to escape the chaos. PC deaths can be frequent, but respawning as a new PC is unlimited. Groups of PCs working together will have a better chance at surviving by pooling resources/pulling together and perhaps escape the arena or at least survive until things have calmed down. All Players are awarded with a Dark Sun themed miniature and may also win other prizes to include an ‘I Survived’ T-shirt.

Dungeons & Dragons
Teen (13+)
Some (You’ve played it a bit and understand the basics)
Saturday 08/05/2023 7:00 PM EDT
Saturday 08/05/2023 9:00 PM EDT
Yes, they can register for this round without having played in any other events
Gen Con 2023


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