Quacks & Co. Quedlinburg Dash

Quacks & Co. Quedlinburg Dash
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Quacks & Co. Quedlinburg Dash

Come play the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2022 nominee, Quacks & Co. from the makers of The Quacks of Quedlinburg.
Every year, the day before the festival made famous in the Quacks of Quedlinburg, all the town’s kids compete in a dramatic race. This year, you’ll be joining in, along with Quacks the Donkey and Co. Your job is to help your animal friends win the race by feeding them the best food along the way. Race your way to the finish line and win the town’s coveted Golden Cauldron!
This is a bag building game for elementary age kids in the theme of Quacks of Quedlinburg, but without the luck-pushing element. Players feed their animals by drawing food tokens from a bag and completing the actions shown on the token. Some tokens will allow a player’s animal to move forward on the path, some will grant extra actions, some will grant rubies that later will be used for purchasing new tokens, and some – the “dream weed” tokens – will simply cause a player’s animal to daydream. Drawing a third “dream weed” token triggers a stop at the food vendors: the player will shop for new food tokens then place their new tokens and all previously drawn tokens back into their bag.
This event will use the advanced action rules (butterfly set) so will be geared to ages 8+. Two hour block will allow for rule explanation and multiple games.

Advanced Game (Butterfly Set)
Kids Only (6-12)
Newcomers Welcome
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