The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – 5 Years After Voldemort

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – 5 Years After Voldemort
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No Rails Adventure Team
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – 5 Years After Voldemort

Cast spells, find allies, focus your studies, and explore the endless secrets of Hogwarts as you seek to uncover the darkest of plots fueled by hateful revenge.

Dungeons & Dragons
Everyone (6+)
None (You’ve never played before – rules will be taught)
Saturday 08/03/2019 10:00 AM EDT
Saturday 08/03/2019 2:00 PM EDT
Yes, they can register for this round without having played in any other events
Meeting Room 9
Gen Con 2019


One of my favorite games this year! The rules loosely followed D&D 5e, adapted to fit in the Harry Potter universe. The DM did a great job keeping the game moving forward – I was interested and involved throughout the event.
Sarah | August 9, 2019
A delightful take of the Harry Potter setting using a simplified version of the D&D 5E rules. The DM was helpful, knowledgeable about the setting and energetic. Playing this game felt like going through another Harry Potter book or movie. Though I'm not the biggest fanboy for the setting, I was pleasantly surprised.
A.M. Arktos | August 6, 2019
Great event! The game system is loosely based on D&D with the class/race system being HP universe related. Character creation consisted of writing your character's name down, a brief description, picking your house, your bloodline (muggle born, pure blood, feiry blood, etc), and then adding up tables of predefined bonuses. Your character could then cast spells by making arcana checks with predefined DCs. It was simple enough that it didn't get in the way of a fun time. The DM was very good at story telling and time management, quickly whisking us away into a movie like intro, an entire school year, and finally a fitting story climax. We had one player at the table who struggled to remain engaged, but that didn't take away from the enjoyment of the event.
Vincent Y | August 4, 2019
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