Esperanto 101 – Learn a new language in 2 hours!

Esperanto 101 – Learn a new language in 2 hours!
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Wizard of the Wabash
Esperanto 101 – Learn a new language in 2 hours!

Learn Esperanto, the international language, spoken by people worldwide. I’ll teach the basics of the language, show you how and where it’s used (*cough* William Shatner *cough*) and give resources for further study. Open up a world of movies, music, and literature you never knew existed. You’ll come home from GenCon as a polyglot! Complete newbies welcome, as are experienced Esperantists.

Teen (13+)
None (You’ve never played before – rules will be taught)
Sunday 08/04/2019 10:00 AM EDT
Sunday 08/04/2019 12:00 PM EDT
Yes, they can register for this round without having played in any other events
Senate II
Gen Con 2019


This was my second year attending Scott's class. I've been studying Esperanto for about eighteen months, primarily by Duolingo (and a bit on Lernu) so that was my main point of comparison. Scott starts the class by giving out an excellent handout that explains the structure of the language then goes into his own experiences with the language. His passion and excitement come through and he does a good job hitting what I (still as a komencanto) consider to be the main points of interest about Esperanto to a newcomer: how it functions, its history, and its culture. I've never been able to stay for the full class (I always have another class to run off to) so I've only seen the first 45-odd minutes of the class but he gets people to go through some basic grammar and structure lessons. As a teacher, I'd like to see more guided practices. I don't know what formal education training Scott has but I think he would benefit from working with an instructional designer to refine his class. On the whole the class is a very interesting way to spend your morning that certainly invites the student into the world of Esperanto and encourages them to go further. There's a reason I keep coming back. Would recommend.
Alex Jacobs | August 16, 2019
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