What is The ConFeFe?

The year was 2017, and the date was quickly approaching the start of another gaming convention for my group of friends. Cars were packed, travel plans made, and the excitement for the next con was bubbling. Our schedules were ready and our shared calendar was on everyone’s phone. This year was going to be great!

After our drive from Chicago, we quickly got checked into our hotels and began to lug bags of games, coolers filled with our favorite fermented beverages, and other luggage into our rooms. We had learned from previous cons that containers were a must, and so began the legend of ConFeFe.

Yes, this is the name my friend gave his similarly name-brand drink container that he carried from event to event. A play on words taken from the infinite twitter wisdom of our former fearless leader, the receptacle was eventually abandoned one drunken night somewhere in the hall. I hope someone found ConFeFe and loves him as much as that wonderful sloshed gamer did.

But why name a rating website after a mug?

The simple answer is, why not? A name is only as good as its story.

Our Mission

I created this site so attendees of Conventions have a place to rate events they attend. Over the years I have attended many events across multiple gaming conventions. Some events were amazing and some of those events were horrible. I really wanted a place where I could share my experiences with others so people could make more informed decisions before planning next year and registering. I tend to read reviews before I consume just about anything, so why not events at my favorite conventions?

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