King John’s Plague

King John’s Plague
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Cubicle 7 Entertainment
King John’s Plague

Team TARDIS arrives in 1215 to watch the signing of the Magna Carta, but a mysterious plague appears a century before the Black Death. Can they uncover the mystery and keep history on course?

Doctor Who
Teen (13+)
None (You’ve never played before – rules will be taught)
Friday 08/02/2019 11:00 AM EDT
Friday 08/02/2019 1:00 PM EDT
Yes, they can register for this round without having played in any other events
Gen Con 2019


This game was unorganized and not a great experience. It had many stall points and we were railroaded into a story line that was not interesting and not engaging at all. Although friendly, the DM was not prepared for the game/story at all. There were pieces to my character sheet that were never explained and some that were not brought up until we were not progressing the way the DM anticipated.
Sarah | August 9, 2019
Had this game with @craig-majors as the DM. The module was interesting and the DM did a nice job explaining the system rules to us. He was very friendly and had plenty of pregenerated characters for the table. Unfortunately, it seemed as though he had not read the module prior to our game which made for a lot of awkward pauses while he looked up plot points and information. The players all did their best to help keep the story interesting and moving but it was still very unorganized and lacking. Overall, I'm not a fan of large pools of DMs assigned randomly to tables in the ICC which is what this appeared to be. There was another table of players for the same game that seemed to be having a good time, so it may have just been our luck of the draw.
Vincent Y | August 2, 2019
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