Dixit Odyssey (with all expansions)

Dixit Odyssey (with all expansions)
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Dixit Odyssey (with all expansions)

On your turn, as the storyteller, choose a card from your hand and give a clue for it (word, sentence, song, etc.). Each of the players choose one of their illustrated cards that best fits your clue. Then you shuffle and reveal all the chosen cards by placing them on the designated board slots. All players vote using tokens to guess secretly which card is yours. Once the votes are done, the scoring begins! There is subtle strategy here as you want to get players to guess your card as the storyteller, but you don’t want ALL of the players to guess your card. Storyteller only gets points if some but not all players guesses their card correctly. Other players score during storyteller’s turn when a player guesses their card. Odyssey allows the storyteller to block one opponent from gaining any points.

Depending on number of players that sign up, we will play the original board (3-6 players) or the Odyssey board (up to 12 players). There are slight differences in the play but basic play is the same. We will also play with all of the expansion packs–meaning there are approximately 800 gorgeously illustrated cards. Standard (6′ x 30″) None – Will Teach (Learn to Play)

Teen (13+)
Friday 08/14/2020 10:00 AM CDT
Friday 08/14/2020 10:02 AM CDT
Doubletree by Hilton, Mundelein, IL
Woodland Room
Gaming Hoopla 2020


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