Big O (Episodes 1-3)

Big O (Episodes 1-3)
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Sentai Filmworks
Big O (Episodes 1-3)

TV-14. Subbed. Sentai Filmworks. Forty years ago, the minds of Paradigm City’s inhabitants were wiped clean of all recollections of the past. Now, ruled by a powerful corporation and cut off from the rest of the world by desolate wastelands, Paradigm has become a virtual police state where Negotiators like Roger Smith keep the wheels of progress, commerce, and society turning. As a combined hybrid of detective, mediator, and enforcer, Smith’s primary resource is his keen, analytical mind, but it doesn’t hurt to have a mansion filled with gadgets, his butler Norman, and his attractive assistant Dorothy to fall back on. Additionally, for those times when cases end up “in dispute,” he also has the biggest, baddest back-up that any cop or small army could ever hope for: the Big O, a giant robot loaded with all the extras.

Teen (13+)
None (You’ve never played before – rules will be taught)
Friday 09/17/2021 1:00 PM EDT
Friday 09/17/2021 2:30 PM EDT
Yes, they can register for this round without having played in any other events
Senate 2
Gen Con 2021


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