Ship of the Damned S3P2 Beyond the Barrier Peaks

Ship of the Damned S3P2 Beyond the Barrier Peaks
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The Guilds of WARP
Ship of the Damned S3P2 Beyond the Barrier Peaks

The Expedition to the Barrier Peaks was not the end of the story. EGG hinted that what crashed in the Barrier Peaks was just a section of a larger ship. Your party continued the quest to locate the source of this unique magic. With a combination of Cleric / Magic User / Ranger skills, you have traced the source to a faraway place. It’s time to start running! Do you dare enter the Ship of the Damned? This campaign is the sequel to S3P Beyond Barrier Peaks Bay of Sorrows. It is recommended that players complete S3P before continuing on. Characters will be exploring new and different sections of the lost starship first found in the Barrier Peaks. Adventurers needed, but not for long! Do you have what it takes to journey old school Beyond the Barrier Peaks? EGG hinted that the section of the lost starship found in the Barrier Peaks was only a section. Join WARPs Legendary Guild Master Sir Andrew Scott Perry – The Harper, to adventure in newly discovered pieces of the lost starship. Please note this material is exceptionally violent and not for kids.

AD&D 1st/2nd Ed
Adult Players Only (18+)
High Degree of Experience
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