Pacific Rim – Valhalla Calling

Pacific Rim – Valhalla Calling
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Evil Genius Games
Pacific Rim – Valhalla Calling

Human beings sometimes cannot leave well enough alone. Science often “does” far before they ever finish asking if they “should.” This is the case of the Glacial Compass Rift Research Site in the upper arctic circle – when they accidentally opened a rift to the kaiju dimension and let in an unknown number of horrible things. The closest crew of Jaeger teams and supply personnel, the Scandanavian Circle Jaeger Corps (SCJC), has a couple of defenders ready to launch. Bringing with them the smartest minds of the organization, will they be able to fight back the monstrous tide and close the rift? Take on the role of pre-generated heroes from the SCJC, find yourself in the immersive world of Pacific Rim, and get ready to bring the heat down on invading monsters from another dimension!

Pacific Rim (Everyday Heroes)
Teens and Up (13+)
Some Gaming Experience
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