Rise of the Resistance!

Rise of the Resistance!
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The Ambulators Present
Rise of the Resistance!

In an alternative timeline, the Axis have won World War II and in the year 1968 the world has been divided between the Third Reich and the Nippon Empire. Despite the Emperor’s promise of a “milenia of peace,” peoples across the Empire refuse to continue to live under the oppressive yoke of the Japanese Empire. After years of struggle, most adults in the Philippines have been sequestered to large re-education camps and it’s up to the members of the Leopard Squad – children piloting 100-ton mechs – to liberate the camps, free their homeland, and stop the Japanese Mech Force from launching a counter-offensive that will obliterate opposition on the islands for centuries. NOTE: Contains themes of mass murder and war crimes against a specific nationality or ethnic group.

Mekton Zeta
Adult Players Only (18+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Mendota 1
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