Terror of the Satsu-jido

Terror of the Satsu-jido
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Terror of the Satsu-jido

In the last days of the Eastern Air Temple, under attack by Firelord Sozin’s armies, refugees from the Eastern lands flood to the temple seeking safety, only to find themselves in the midst of the horrific destruction of the Air Nomads. In the final hours before the fall of the Temple, a group of air-, earth-, fire-, and water-bending children must lead the so-called “Orphans of the Eastern Mountains” to safety before they are caught amidst the most brutal destruction of the Fire Kingdom’s ascendency. Can they find safety in uncertain times? Or, will they fall victim to the brutalities of the Fire Kingdom as the Air Nomads are wiped from the face of the world? NOTE: Contains themes of child murder and genocide.

Avatar Legends Role-Playing Game
Adult Players Only (18+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Mendota 1
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