The Black Ballad (Chapter 1) – D&D 5e

The Black Ballad (Chapter 1) – D&D 5e
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The Black Ballad (Chapter 1) – D&D 5e

You’ve died, now what? The Black Ballad is an epic, tier 4, adventure that takes an in-depth look at what happens to adventurers after they fall to blade or dragon’s fire. Join Jeff Mueller, one of the creators behind this new 300+ page book, as he runs Chapter 1 of this adventure; introducing you to the setting of The Sunless Crossing and the strange calamity that threatens not only the souls currently wandering it, but the entire multiverse itself! This is a bring your own character session; make one yourself or bring your favorite PC and see how they would fare in the realms of the afterlife. Levels 15 & up.

Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
Teens and Up (13+)
Some Experience with Specific Game
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