Big Showdown in Little Canyonside

Big Showdown in Little Canyonside
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Dendritic Systems LLC
Big Showdown in Little Canyonside

Choose a favorite butt-kicker from some of the cheesiest 80s and 90s action movies! Lock & load your biga** guns, warm up your fists & feet of fury, & let’s get Cinematic! Bring a d20 & a desire to get macho! Come join the fun that veterans of GenCon and other conventions 2007 have been coming back to play again and again, for year after every other year since 2007! Be aware that over-the-top and vivid action descriptions override game rules, cooperative play slaps die rolls into submission, and the only thing holding you back is fear…oh, and the genre limits! Anyone with experience with FUDGE, FATE, OSR, d20, Dungeons and Dragons, d6, Savage Worlds, or pretty much any d20-based system will easily pick up the rules in 5 minutes, or as players like to think of it, by the end of the first action scene! So, come on, try something new, let your spirit fly, and let your love of action movies run rampant!!!

HiBRiD v2.1
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Superior (Clarion)
Gamehole Con 2023


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