The Return of Task Force X

The Return of Task Force X
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The Ambulators Present
The Return of Task Force X

Bronze Tiger reviewed the plan as the transport closed on the insertion point. As usual, Flag got the big guns, and the big prize. His team was all support. The assassin, Cheshire, was good, good enough to be his number two. The rest were nutcases he’d have to keep from wrecking both his and Flag’s missions. First, there was Harley Quinn, who he thought Waller assigned out of some sort of sick sense of humor. Then, Captain Cold, which made sense, given the target, but completely untrustworthy, except for the bomb in his head. The last two members were the Penguin and Killer Frost, again, Waller playing to the target’s features. Killer Frost he got, a psycho, but a useful one, but really, the Penguin! This was going to be a job for the books…

DC Heroes
Adult Players Only (18+)
Some Gaming Experience
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Mendota 1
Gamehole Con 2023


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