Derelict Starship?

Derelict Starship?
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Derelict Starship?

Your jump drives are not working, and that’s a bad idea in a system without a starport. Fortunately, your maneuver drive works; you were able to catch up to the alien vessel attempting to evade your search. But nobody seems to be answering your communication attempts, and the question is: so who—or what—is on that ship, and can they help you? Or can you find what you need on your own?

Being a Free Trader outside of League space provided opportunities for profit – and for danger. Between pirates and grasping planetary governments, it was a good idea to be armed and ready for fight. But misjumps did occasionally happen, and it was the job of every merchant captain to be ready for them. But what can you do when the primary systems are not working? Where do the spares come from? It’s time to think outside the box! A Classic Traveller adventure, set in the Fairlands Sector, not part of the Third Imperium setting.

Classic Traveller
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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