The Dare-Luck Club in: “Night of the Bandersnatch”

The Dare-Luck Club in: “Night of the Bandersnatch”
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The Dare-Luck Club in: “Night of the Bandersnatch”

Skippo is dead… That little lovable mutt has been with the club for years, and now grief has you swallowing hard when you speak of him. But what if there was a way to bring him back? You all know the rumors: Supposedly when you play Twisted Maiden’s Purple Album backwards, some of the song lyrics become instructions for witchcraft. They say tract #4 “A World Apart” tells how to bring the dead back to life. The problem is it requires a cauldron inscribed with a pentagram –and where are you going to find one of those? It was then that you remembered the old “Satanic Panic” ride at the Jolly-World Amusement Park. It had just that! But backwards records are hard to understand and kabalistic magic has its price!

A hellspawn from another dimension now runs amuck at the Jolly World Carnival Park. Can your misfit gang of youths put things right? And what about your dog Skippo –can he win a tug-of-war with the angel of death?

The Dare-Luck Club RPG
All Ages (6+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Hall C
Gamehole Con 2023


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