Dark Sun Excursions – Shards of the Void

Dark Sun Excursions – Shards of the Void
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June Soler Gaming
Dark Sun Excursions – Shards of the Void

Something has stirred the nomadic gith tribes into a fervor, making local caravan routes perilous as they gather nearby. House Keramis is looking for intrepid explorers who can find a way to disperse the gith and make the routes passable again. Do you feel up to the task? This adventure scenario for the DARK SUN® Campaign Setting is designed for play in a 4-hour session with 3 to 6 players using 5th level characters. Pregens are provided. All players will receive a Dark Sun themed miniature.
Dark Sun’s setting is known for its harsh and brutal world, where survival is a constant struggle. The Dark Sun campaign setting has elements of ecological devastation, racism/cultural stereotypes, resource depletion, merciless violence, slavery and class oppression that some may find problematic. Adult audiences only.
Visit the AthasCon Discord site if you have any additional questions at: https://discord.com/invite/5wYCAb9CR3
Keep Hope Alive!

D&D 5E
Adult Players Only (18+)
Some Gaming Experience
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