Dark Sun Excursions – Stolen Heritage

Dark Sun Excursions – Stolen Heritage
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June Soler Gaming
Dark Sun Excursions – Stolen Heritage

A recently discovered cache of ancient artifacts in the wastelands has sent many in the city-state of Tyr abuzz with curiosity and excitement. House Vordon is organizing an exclusive auction to sell all the items found to the highest bidder. This adventure scenario for the DARK SUN® Campaign Setting is designed for play in a 4-hour session with 3 to 6 players using 6th level characters. Pregens are provided. All players will receive a Dark Sun themed miniature.
Dark Sun’s setting is known for its harsh and brutal world, where survival is a constant struggle. The Dark Sun campaign setting has elements of ecological devastation, racism/cultural stereotypes, resource depletion, merciless violence, slavery and class oppression that some may find problematic. Adult audiences only.
Visit the AthasCon Discord site if you have any additional questions at: https://discord.com/invite/5wYCAb9CR3
Keep Hope Alive!

D&D 5E
Adult Players Only (18+)
Some Gaming Experience
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