NetRunner – Learn to Play

NetRunner – Learn to Play
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NetRunner – Learn to Play

Ranked 68th overall on BGG, and third in the customizable category years after its official demise (the original from 1996 is still ranked 23rd!), Netrunner was discontinued by FFG several years ago, but is currently undergoing a renaissance under the fan-forged non-profit Null Signal Games. They’ve published a core deck and several cycles of new cards in the last few years, and the system is ripe for revival.

Learn to play this asymmetrical cyberpunk LCG taking turns as a megacorporation with its massive resources and a subversive lone runner using Null Signal Games’ System Gateway decks. Participants in the Learn to Play events will be welcome to join the System Gateway tournament on the final day of the Con, where they can win a variety of Netrunner decks and alternate art cards.

Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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