Pillars: Keepers of Sandy Junction

Pillars: Keepers of Sandy Junction
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Anvil 8 Games
Pillars: Keepers of Sandy Junction

Pillars Narrative Roleplaying Game, Anvil 8 Games’ upcoming (2024) TTRPG features easy-to-learn rules that allow for a ton of player creativity! Pillars is set in small-town America where magic lies just under the surface and the world is full of wonder and danger. Play as a Keeper, someone who walks one of the Paths of Magic and faces terrible monsters as they discover lost secrets and lore! Rules are taught, characters are provided, and players are invited to join the Playtest Discord. Come play in a game run by one of the Developers! Pillars Narrative Roleplaying Game will be releasing in 2024!

Pillars Narrative Roleplaying Game
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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