Into the Vault (A Fallout 2D20 Adventure)

Into the Vault (A Fallout 2D20 Adventure)
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Into the Vault (A Fallout 2D20 Adventure)

“Welcome to the Commonwealth, the nuclear-ravaged wastelands outside of old Boston. You have each followed the sounds of screams and gunfire to Vault 95, a remnant of the world before the Great War, before the bombs dropped. The vault’s external lights flicker several times but remain lit and, remarkably, its doors lie open—inviting any manner of scavenger or scoundrel to plumb its depths.”
This is an introduction to the Fallout RPG based on the 2D20 system from Modiphius. The basics of the game system will be taught as the players navigate a dying world grasping for any means of salvation.
“Fallout: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game is an action packed tabletop roleplaying game of gritty survival, daring exploration, community building, and holding onto hope in the irradiated wastelands of post-atomic America.”

Fallout 2D20
Teens and Up (13+)
Some Gaming Experience
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Hall C
Gamehole Con 2023


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