The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords Part 3

The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords Part 3
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The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords Part 3

From Expeditious Retreat Press, a deadly and nuanced module written by Keith Sloan cartography by Joseph Browning, a module for advanced players that want a challenge. This module was originally written for AD&D but I have converted to C&C for Gamehole Con. Needless to say, the conversion was easy, and this module runs great in C&C.
The party has discovered a map detailing the location of a secret island that is fabled to be the palace and temple grounds of an ancient sea-faring people that was ruled by kings of great renown. These Sea Lords, achieved great wealth and established a mighty empire through conquest and plunder. Eventually, all the nations of known civilizations allied against these Sea Lords, overthrowing their rule and decimating their empire. Most of their ancient strongholds have been looted and thoroughly cleaned of anything valuable. However, the Sea Lords’ most magnificent and central complex was never found.
This is part 3 of the module, depending on who participates in each of the three parts, a new expedition will be formed or we will continue from where we left off. If we were to somehow finish early, I have planned follow-up content that compliments this module. I highly doubt this will be needed though, as this is a massive and intricate module.

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