Elysium Campaign Session 2

Elysium Campaign Session 2
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Free League
Elysium Campaign Session 2

Four powerful industrial and financial dynasties form a covenant called Elysium, Deep in the bedrock they weather the long atomic winter. The four Houses fight each other over the resources that remain. A force of Judicators has been established to preserve law and order in the enclave. You are one of these judicators. There is story continuity between the four sessions of this game, but no requirement to have played any of the prior sessions.
*WARNING: Strong language, Adult themes, PC Betrayal, Violence, and Death.
*All Materials Provided
*at the end of the event each player will receive a 10% off coupon redeemable at the Free League booth

Mutant: Year Zero
Adult Players Only (18+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Mendota 3
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