Bladefall Keep

Bladefall Keep
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Bladefall Keep

Bladefall Keeps needs your help! Your team has heard the call and will be helping Bladefall Keep against an invasion of fell undead that is assaulting the town and keep. The Keeps Priest Father Polaris has not returned from his foray into the The Crypts of Desolation. You and your companions will need to get visit the crypts and find what has happened to Father Polaaris and try and stem the source of the vile undead.

This is an adventures for 4-6th level players – 1st edition AD&D. No experience is needed and pre gen characters will be provided. Are you and your team up for the challenge?

1st Edition Ad&d
All Ages (6+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Hall C
Gamehole Con 2023


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