The Tides of Silverfount

The Tides of Silverfount
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The Tides of Silverfount

The town of Silverfount needs your help. A water elemental has escaped from the tower of Pronaukle the Mage. This has caused up a stir in the towns relations with the merfolk of the Eau Claire. The merfolk are threatening to sink any of the trade vessels of Silverfount if the elemental is not dealt with. Silverfount has called upon you and your brave band to take care of this threat. Because of the magical nature of this elemental it is immune to the magic of the waterfolk. The water elemental is using the old lair of Razorfang the Blue which has wards versus the merfolk. This prevents them from sending their warriors to help.
This adventure is designed for 7-9th level players. This is a 1st edition AD&D game. Pre gens will be provided. No experience is needed.

1st Edition Ad&d
All Ages (6+)
Newcomers Welcome
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