The Cinder mines

The Cinder mines
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The Cinder mines

The Cinder Mines
Dwarven miners have discovered a cavern filled with monstrous creatures in the Cinder Hills. Fearing they have opened a crack into the underdark they have decided to call upon the Adventurers Guild to send them people willing to explore the mines and find the source of these creatures. The Adventurers Guild has assigned you and your team to look into this and report back. You and your brave team of adventures are prepared to venture into the mines and find the source. You have been promised great rewards and the favor of the dwarves for those willing to brave the Cinder Mines and put a stop to these creatures.
This is an adventure for 8-10th level Adventurers. This is a 1st edition AD&D game. Pre gen character will be provided. Can you survive what awaits you in the Cinder Mines?

1st Edition Ad&d
All Ages (6+)
Newcomers Welcome
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