The Pits of Praxxis

The Pits of Praxxis
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The Pits of Praxxis

The last thing you remember is the strange blast of white light that permeated your vision. You see a small group of people in the cell around you and you hear a alien voice inside your head. “Good you have survived – Most do not. Perhaps you are tougher than the others. You have one chance and that is to survive the battles coming for you in the Pitts. If you can survive food and equipment will be provided. Survive 20 battles and you will be released if it is your desire. Live or die that is up to you. Either way it is entertaining.”

This is a survival adventure for 1st level characters. It will involve a series of arena battles with different scenarios. If the players survive they can level up if they earn enough experience to do so and every victory brings rewards. Will you and your team seize destiny and earn your freedom? Or will you suffer defeat? The choice is yours!!

1st Edition Ad&d
All Ages (6+)
Newcomers Welcome
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Hall C
Gamehole Con 2023


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