The Phobos Bridge

The Phobos Bridge
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The Phobos Bridge

San Dorado: the largest city of Mars, a bustling hub of interstellar trade where anything can be had for a price and your home! Sadly, your home is in the subterranean sprawl amongst the sewers, and the asphyxiating red-iron mills and dump shafts of Mars. Can your ill-conceived heist bring you the riches to break out of this trap? To pull it off you’ll need a team…

A sniper trying to beat his addiction
A scream-gatherer
An ex-con with connections
A runaway risk taker
A wanna-be cop
A mute theologian

Mutant Chronicles takes you on a full-throttle diesel-punk ride through a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of the Dark Legion. With technology failing due to the insidious effects of the Dark Symmetry, mankind must fight back against the Dark Legion hordes whilst dealing with in-fighting and conspiracy.

Rules taught, lightly enforced. Creative game-play encouraged!!

Mutant Chronicles
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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