Hyaenas of Odacon

Hyaenas of Odacon
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Hyaenas of Odacon

You are in the Odacon system, one of the darkest corners of the Third Horizon. Today, it is a shattered system, with three sparsely populated, hostile planets and the remains of a fourth, destroyed in the final, fiercest battle of the Portal Wars.
No one comes here voluntarily. Not even you. But here you are, the crew of the salvage cruiser Hyaena.
The antique dealer Lea Marhoun bought the coordinates to a shipwreck. She suspects it to be the Fazar, a legendary Firstcome ship that perished in the Portal Wars. Its mission was to bring the idol of the Glistening One to safety. But the ship never left the system. For over 150 cycles, the Fazar was considered lost or destroyed. Until recently, when a mining cruiser picked up a weak distress signal that sparked into the darkness. The crew did not take the risk of following the signal.
And you would probably do the same if it weren‘t for the 11,000 Birr that Lady Marhoun has promised you if you find the Fazar, recover the idol, and bring it safely back to Khôban station.
Content warning: horror. Pregens will be provided.
At the end of the game, players will receive a coupon for 10% off a product at the Free League booth.

Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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