Confiscate the cargo.

Confiscate the cargo.
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Amorphous Blob Games
Confiscate the cargo.

Your group has been hired by the US Government to root out all sorts of odd things in the Wild West. Sometimes, it is flying men with “jet packs” and sometimes it is people summoning spirits to rob a bank. And sometimes, it is people selling weapons to people that really shouldn’t have them.
The last one is your latest mission. All you and your posse have to do is wait for the train to pull out of the station, and go back and arrest the “gun runners.” You don’t want to make an arrest in the train station, as there you would be outgunned. But on a passenger train headed west of out Dodge City? Sure, why not, it should be pretty easy.
Characters provided, rules taught. Game sponsored by Amorphous Blob Games.

Savage Worlds: Deadlands
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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