Hana Academy: The Twining Vine

Hana Academy: The Twining Vine
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Hana Academy: The Twining Vine

The Journalism club discovered the Student Council’s secret; how far does it go & what else are they hiding? Halloween is approaching, which certainly spells trouble at this magical high school.
Welcome to Hana Academy, a game about relationships and growing up in an anime-inspired school of mystery, magic, and flowers. As one of the Gifted, you stand apart from the rest of their classmates as special. As a symbol of this status, all gifted bear a garland. These garlands hold many secrets for those able to decipher the language of flowers. The Gifted are able to travel to strange, beautiful, and often dangerous vistas through arbors – gates between our world and the garden. As much as your relationships can cause you problems, they are what you derive your sense of self from. They are a very real part in determining what you are good at.
Hana Academy is a place to find yourself. Blossom into who you are meant to be in a world that is not what it seems.

Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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