Carrion: Stormchasers

Carrion: Stormchasers
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Savage Alliance
Carrion: Stormchasers

In the post-apocalyptic world of Soros, sandstorms have unearthed ruins which may hold treasure and knowledge from the past. Several groups race across the desert in hopes of being the first to discover what prizes the seasonal storms have unearthed. The party must survive the unforgiving sun, competing cutthroats, and all the wicked beasts that live outside the walls of the city-states.

What is Carrion?

The planet Soros was dying even before the meteor dealt a decisive blow. The cataclysmic event changed the skies forever and decimated already struggling societies.

Greed and conflict had torn the world apart. Resources wasted in decades-long wars, people starved as powerful nations hoarded food. Forests decimated to make instruments of war. Mines over worked for metals for weapons. And wizards tore apart the fabric of the land faster than it could rejuvenate.

Then the skies turned dark, as the aftermath of the planetoid’s collision tossed dirt and debris into the atmosphere, and orbit, for decades. No sunlight touched the ground for over a year. The resulting heat baked forests and killed off struggling plant life. Many species died out, while those that survived struggled. The sentient life hid in strong bunkers or underground, using cunning and cruelty to survive.

As the dust settled and the sun peeked through again, the survivors did what they could to cling to the semblance of life they had. Now in an even more broken world they band together out of necessity. Great and terrible leaders have emerged. These leaders created large city-states and those that could not survive on their own have flocked to them, even with their daily atrocities. The struggle and oppression were still preferred to the death that waits in the large expanses of desert between the cities.

Recently migratory birds, not seen in centuries have been spotted, and another bizarre event. Rain. Not refreshing like the stories of old, acidic and acrid, but rain, nonetheless. Change is on the horizon.

This is the landscape in which they survive.

Savage Worlds (SWADE)
Adult Players Only (18+)
Newcomers Welcome
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