Nine Worlds Jumpstart

Nine Worlds Jumpstart
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Savage Alliance
Nine Worlds Jumpstart

Nine Worlds blends Norse Mythology with a gritty cyberpunk twist. The Aesir, Vanir, and Jotun are immortals not due to deific powers but through the miraculous wonders of science, technology, and magic. These god-like beings are survivors of a war between corporations that ended in an uncomfortable stalemate. Now, they inhabit sanctuaries well removed from the daily grind of New Midgard, the mortal megacity, while maneuvering their pawns from the shadows. Each faction seeks an advantage over the others as they actively push the world inch by inch towards Ragnarok and a return to open war. Players are Vikings – adventurous freelancers willing to do the dirty work of these beings in exchange for fame and the promise of a place in one of the sanctuaries. Beware, though: these self-proclaimed gods lost their humanity long ago and have no trouble treating their agents as pawns and playthings with little regard for the cost of lives.
While Norse-inspired, this world is high technology with heavy-duty hand cannons, physical augmentation, and even runic magics to give Vikings a fighting chance to write their own Eddas.

Savage Worlds (SWADE)
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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