The Ruined Tower of Zenopus: 3rd & 5th Levels

The Ruined Tower of Zenopus: 3rd & 5th Levels
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Troll Lord Games
The Ruined Tower of Zenopus: 3rd & 5th Levels

100 years ago the sorcerer Zenopus built a tower on the low hills overlooking the Barachian Coast. The tower was close to the sea cliffs west of the the small settlement of Portown and, appropriately, Next door to the remains of an ancient graveyard. Rumor has it that the magician made extensive cellars and tunnels underneath the tower. The town is located on the ruins of a much older city of doubtful history and Zenopus was said to excavate in his cellars in search of ancient treasures from the past.

Hearing about the ancient ruin, you and others have travelled to Portown, looking for any opportunities to reap glorious reward from the area. Unfortunately, you, and others like you, find yourselves in an unexpected situation, staring thru bars from a holding cell, beneath Portown’s Magistrate’s office awaiting execution….

Come join Chuck Cumbow, Community Director for Troll Lord Games as he runs Castles & Crusades! Character Creation – As far as characters we will provide pregens or you can make your own. Information is included in the Player Info Section!

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Castles & Crusades
Adult Players Only (18+)
Some Gaming Experience
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Gamehole Con 2023


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