Beneath the Despairing Stone: 7th & 9th Levels

Beneath the Despairing Stone: 7th & 9th Levels
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Troll Lord Games
Beneath the Despairing Stone: 7th & 9th Levels

In that time before the All-father warded the world of Aihrde, many creatures were already roaming his dreaming creation. These were the Val-Eahrakun. Of that order were the Oonmaukling, elemental lords of staggering power. Unklar, the Horned God, bound one of these Oonmaukling to him and set it in a dungeon beneath the stones of despair; there it dwelt in a great temple, upon the edge of the dark lord’s vision. Guardians he set there watched ever after, waiting in the timelessness of that place.
But that was long ago. Unklar himself now lies in the Void, and the dungeon, like so many of his creations, lies in ruins. The desolation of the temple leaves little to chance and its malignant inhabitants have their own desires and goals, often at odds with their one time master. Your fate is sealed as you travel… Beneath the Despairing Stone.
Come join Chuck Cumbow, Community Director for Troll Lord Games as he runs Castles & Crusades! Character Creation – As far as characters we will provide pregens or you can make your own. Information is included in the Player Info Section!
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Castles & Crusades
Adult Players Only (18+)
Some Gaming Experience
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