Memories of Tomorrow: Digging Deep

Memories of Tomorrow: Digging Deep
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Memories of Tomorrow: Digging Deep

Massive slugs capable of swallowing a human whole dominate an alien network of tunnels. Can you save a world where YOU are at the bottom of the food chain and nothing is what it seems?
Imagine the movie Inception but in space and you’ll have some idea of what Memories From Tomorrow is. Play as a Seeker, a unique explorer capable of communing with new worlds by having a shared experience. Relive the moments that made you who you are. Each of us fights for different reasons. Is it a care for your fellow man, a need to belong, some sense of duty, or just the truth. Unravel the mysteries of the universe as you seek to discover who you are.

Venture forth, but know this, you may only return once you have made a lasting change or suffered the consequences.

Memories of Tomorrow
Teens and Up (13+)
Newcomers Welcome
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