Memoir ’44 Overlord: The Capture of Tobruk

Memoir ’44 Overlord: The Capture of Tobruk
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Memoir ’44 Overlord: The Capture of Tobruk

Overlord is a team based Memoir ’44 game, three Field Generals control the battle units and the Overlord passes down the orders to the Field Generals. It is a blast to play! Historical Info: 1After smashing British defenses at Gazala, Rommel pushed his Afrika Korps towards Tobruk. Having successfully withstood a 9-months siege the previous year, the city was left to the protection of the 2nd South African Division’s General Klopper. The city’s defense perimeter consisted of 30 miles of wire entanglements, minefields and prepared infantry positions. In support were a limited number of tanks and artillery.

Rommel’s attack from the South East came on the 20th. Under cover of a morning mist, German engineer units crept forward, clearing mines and wires. Once the mist cleared, the British saw a mass of troops and vehicles approaching. A horrific artillery bombardment followed by a wave of bombers left no doubt the battle had begun. The German Panzers and infantry rolled forward through the wire and minefields. A valiant British armor counter-attack with artillery support briefly halted the advance but by noon the Germans had reorganized and resumed their advance. Once the line at Kings Cross fell, the way to Tobruk lay open and the British command structure disintegrated. Klopper ordered the white flag to be raised…

Memoir ’44 Overlord
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